How to choose the best photographer for pregnancy photos

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So your bump is blooming, you are about 28 weeks now and into the third trimester of your pregnancy and apparently baby is the size of a large aubergine!  She can blink her eyes and her eyesight is developing.  You may even be able to feel her hiccuping!  You are researching the safest car seats and buggy systems, the latest fashion in nursery furniture and colours that will soothe and comfort your precious new baby.  The list of things you need to do and purchase is extensive and constantly expanding but you love it because you are a Mummy to Be and you can't wait to meet this miraculous new person that you are growing and already love with all your heart.

What else is on your list to do?  Have you considered maternity/pregnancy/baby bump photos?  Have you thought about a newborn baby photography session?  And which photographer are you going to choose?  There are so many about.  Where do you start?  When do you start?  

Well if you haven't already done so I suggest you start looking now (any time after your 20 week scan) and approach this is in much the same way as you would research for other important baby purchases.  Obviously nothing is going to compare to the importance of safety equipment for your baby but choosing the right photographer to capture this fleeting and precious time is nonetheless a big consideration.  


Speak to friends who may have had pregnancy or newborn photo sessions - did they enjoy their sessions?  Would they recommend the photographer?

Search the internet for local photographers and decide on how far you are willing to travel; browse through their galleries, blogs and social media.

There is no point booking the photographer at the end of the road for convenience if you don't like their images!

Decide on your budget - having a baby is an expensive business, how much can you afford to spend on a photo session and products?  

Does the photographer offer payment plans?

Are there family members or friends who want to give a gift but don't know what, would they like to contribute?;

What would you like to achieve from your session?  Beautiful wall art, a stunning album, digital images

Make sure your chosen photographer offers these products 

and make sure they are good quality!


Now you have a shortlist I would arrange them into the order of preference.  Don't worry too much about individual prices at this point.  Just put them in order of your favourite work.  Whose style do you really love?  If money wasn't an object, who would you choose?  This will help you decide on the style of photographer you are looking for.  Now unfortunately we all have a budget so it's time to put your practical head on, revisit the list and remove any photographers that are way out of your price range (unless of course you really really love their style and they offer payment plans that are agreeable to you).  Out of the remaining photographers whose style is closest to that which you had originally at the top of your list?  Are there still a few to choose from?  At this point I would suggest getting in touch, drop them an email or give them a call, ask them for further details on how their sessions work, their location and studio space, products, prices and availability.  Request a studio tour if you are unsure.  Check out the space and the photographer and see if you have a connection.  You need to feel comfortable and relaxed in your surroundings to enjoy and have a successful photo session.  Make sure you are comfortable in your choice, it's important!

So, why am I writing this post?  Surely I want you all to come and have your photographs taken at my brand new boutique Hertfordshire studio (sorry, shameless plug!)!  


Well actually I don't!  

Not if it isn't right for you.  

Not if it doesn't feel right.  

Not if you aren't happy with my prices and/or products.  

Not if you don't like my style and images

Not if you don't feel comfortable or you just don't like me!  


But I would like you to include me in your considerations!  Check out my images and compare me to other local photographers; whose style do you prefer?; check out my location and the ample secure parking (no squeezing out of the car in ridiculously small parking spaces at Portraits by Sarah ;-) ); look at the quality of my products (if you are looking for cheap and cheerful I'm afraid I'm not the right photographer for you.  I offer premium quality products that last); peruse my prices and payment plans; come and see me for a studio tour and a cuppa.  I am more than happy to discuss your requirements and for you to see if Portraits by Sarah is a good fit for you.  Contact me today for a no obligation chat whatever stage of pregnancy you are at.  


And just incase you didn't realise - I have a brand new exciting boutique studio that just so happens to be the perfect space for Maternity and Newborn photo sessions!  Funny that, seeing as I am a Maternity and Newborn Photographer!  Earlier this week I had a very stunning Mummy to Be very kindly agree to model for me so that I could try out my new space.  I think we all agree that she looks absolutely fabulous and I am really delighted with how the images look in the new studio. 


Baby Bump Photo Session with Portraits by Sarah, Hertfordshire PhotographerBaby Bump Photo Session with Portraits by Sarah|Hertfordshire PhotographerGorgeous Mummy to Be rocking her Baby Bump Photo Session at Portrait's by Sarah's boutique Hertfordshire Studio. Maternity Photography with Portraits by Sarah|Hertfordshire PhotographerMaternity Photography HertfordshireStunning Mummy to Be rocking her Maternity Photography session at Portraits by Sarah's boutique Hertfordshire Studio Exquisite Baby Bump Photography|Portraits by Sarah|HertfordshireExquisite Baby Bump Photography|Portraits by Sarah|HertfordshireStunning baby bump photography at Portraits by Sarah's boutique Hertfordshire Studio Exquisite Maternity & Baby Bump Photography at Portraits by Sarah|HertfordshireExquisite Maternity Photography with Portraits by Sarah|HertfordshireStunning Maternity Images at Portraits by Sarah's boutique Hertfordshire Studio



Contact Sarah for enquiries and bookings or join the Portraits by Sarah Mailing List to keep up to date with news and special offers.  Mailings are usually once a quarter.


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