Cake Smashes of 2014

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Finally!!  I was hoping to put this blog post out in January - it's only 6 weeks later than I intended!!

What great fun Cake Smashes are!!  Bearing in mind I only started Cake Smash sessions in Autumn 2013 they have become hugely popular and one of my favourite sessions (Newborns are still top of the list!).  Great messy fun and after all what better way to spend your birthday than with Cake & Bubbles - I know I wouldn't complain!!  

Cake Smashes are the perfect way to celebrate your babies 1st birthday or just to celebrate their transition from a baby to a toddler.  Each session has an optional "pre-smash" mini photo session followed by the main event (Cake Smash incase you weren't sure!!) and finishing with an optional bubble bath mini photo session.  The sessions usually last about an hour in total which is plenty of time to make lots of mess and tire everyone out!

Here are are a selection of the Cake Smashers of 2014.



and after the cake there is an option to have bubbles!



Perfect for 1st Birthday celebrations or just to capture your babies transition to a toddler.  BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY by emailing


Portraits by Sarah Newborns of 2014 don't forget you are entitled to £10 off the Cake Smash Session fee and a £25 credit towards your order following a Cake Smash session during 2015.  Contact Sarah on to book your session and claim your £25 voucher.


If Cake Smashes aren't your thing but you would like some baby photos taken please contact Sarah on to discuss your requirements.


Portraits by Sarah Newborns of 2014 - if Cake Smashes aren't your thing how about a baby portrait session?  You will still entitled to £10 off your session fee and a £25 credit voucher towards your order following a Baby Portrait Session during 2015.  Please contact Sarah on


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