Outdoor Portrait Sessions - Hertfordshire, UK

March 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

What a lovely weekend we have just had!  Just the right sort of weather for an outdoor portrait session....


Usually I start portrait sessions in the studio and spend the last part of the session doing the outdoor photographs, if outdoor images are requested that is.     However the weather on Saturday was so lovely that I decided to swop it around and do the majority of the session outdoors and the last part in the studio.  


This session was a "Cousins" portrait session and as you can see there was quite an age range.  The larger the group the harder it usually is to photograph as it's difficult to keep everyone's attention and watch out for expressions and blinking, especially with children, but they all did really well and I managed to get some lovely images.  So here is a little sneak peek for them all, it's actually the first image from the session.  Don't they all look gorgeous, I'm looking forward to editing the rest of the session.



Family/Children's Outdoor Portrait Photography Session - Portraits by Sarah - Hertfordshire Studio - UK


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