Newborn Photography & Siblings

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Having a baby is hard work first for First Time parents.  The whole thing is a learning curve and after a sometimes traumatic delivery you are sent home (unless of course you had a home birth) with the realisation that you are now solely responsible for this new life's well being, safety and development.  Scary stuff!  I think most new parents at some stage think - aaaaaagh what do we do!

This is then followed by a stint of sleep deprivation and the ongoing game of guess why the baby is crying!  Couple that with sore nipples, a sore underneath, swollen feet and steady stream of visitors and we are beginning to see the whole "We've just had a baby" picture and that's just those who got off lightly!

But then come the cuddles, that gorgeous baby smell, the skin to skin contact, tiny toes and fingers, eyelashes to die for and that unconditional love that is completely overwhelming and it's all worth it.  You can't imagine life without them and everything else just isn't quite so important anymore.  The Newborn Bubble - it's great.  The first few weeks after your baby is born when it's just about you, your partner and your baby, precious time (It's also the perfect time to escape the family and come and see me for a relaxing and peaceful Newborn Session!!).

Now second time round it's a different matter again!  Your body has been through one labour and so the second is usually slightly less traumatic, although of course there are always exceptions!  You are perfectly used to broken and/or very little sleep so that is less of an issue and you are feeling much more confident in handling your new baby and figuring out what each cry means.  You have mastered the art of the Speed Shower and you are resigned to the fact that for the next few years you will be accessorising your clothes with dribble, baby milk and bits of food.  This time round it's easy - yes?  

No!!  This time round you also have a toddler to look after!!!  This is hard work, your first born is now having to share your undivided attention and they are not always too happy about it!  You feel guilty about not spending as much time with your new baby as you did with your first born and you feel guilty that you can no longer give your first born undivided attention.  You have snacks, games, books & puzzles ready to keep your toddler busy during babies feeds but they always want something different.  There is no catching up on sleep when baby has a sleep and there are meal times to adhere to!!  Who cares if you have your dinner at 9pm first time round, you are just delighted to eat and if it's still warm it's a luxury.  Second time round your toddler needs their meals at the usual time and baby just has to wait.  You manage and you find a way, your house is usually a tip and if you get out of the house looking half decent it's a bonus.  I salute those parents with 3, 4 & 5 children as life must be a permanent whirlwind of activity!

So, why do we do it?  The answer is quite simple because they are adorable and life just wouldn't be complete without them.  Once they have arrived you cannot imaging life without them and all those other things just fade into insignificance with an "I love you Mummy" and a cuddle.  There's nothing better than a snuggle with your little ones, even when they are not so little anymoe!

This image makes me smile.  See how proud and protective this little boy is of his baby sister.  Yes he can be a little over zealous at times but then he's only two and that's all part and parcel of being two.  I think she's a very lucky girl to have such a caring big brother.  Mum this is your sneak peek, you have two gorgeous children!  

If you recognise these children please don't mention it to Dad, it's a surprise!!


Newborn Baby Photography by Portraits by Sarah - Hertfordshire Baby PhotographerBeautiful Newborn Baby girl and her older brother


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